Shimmy Mob

Shimmy Mob

Have you ever seen a bellydance flash mob?  Well, neither have we! But Tallahassee Tribal Bellydance, along with friends from In Step Studio and others, will be flash mobbing Market Square this Saturday, May 12th to celebrate World Bellydance Day. 

Shimmy Mob logoShimmy Mob, a Canadian concept that went worldwide, seeks to bring awareness to our art form with a series of coordinated bellydance flash mobs all around the world.  The goal is to have as many groups as possible, in as many geographic locations as possible, all perform the same dance, to the same music, on the same day–and, you guessed it–in the same outfit.

But we aren’t just shimmying for the heck of it; Shimmy Mob’s other mission is to benefit women’s and children’s charities globally.  In Tallahassee, proceeds from our Mob and month-long fundraising efforts (like Capital City Shimmy!) will benefit Refuge House.

So…if you are wondering what that bellydance flash mob looks like, please join us in Market Square this Saturday as we all find out!

P.S. – We are all going to Lofty for ice cream after!